We divide the kids' classes into two groups: the juniors, aged 8 to 11/12 and the teens aged 12/13 to 16. This enables us to focus on the particular needs and abilities of the students who are obviously at different stages of their own physical, emotional and social development. 


Safety is paramount to us and as such we do not let the kids spar and the youngest children are only permitted to practice very basic techniques with each other in a very controlled way and under strict supervision. Generally, most techniques that require a partner are either practiced with an instructor or are applied against a focus pad or some other piece of child friendly training equipment.  The teenagers are permitted more training contact with each other, but again under the supervision of an instructor. We want your child to enjoy the class and look forward to their weekly training session at The Kwoon.


We make the training practical and fun!  The lessons incorporate the principles and history of Wing Chun, the techniques relevant to the each individual age group (obviously, not all techniques are taught to children) and plenty of physical activity to keep yout child fit!  Your child will also learn a little Cantonese in the process!  


As well as the physical side of the art, we place great emphasis on (and are very strict about) developing the traditional qualities expected of a martial artist: respect for oneself, one's teachers and fellow students and for people generally; dedication, effort and commitment; self control and patience.


We have a well structured and systematic grading system, within which your child will learn the techniques, theory and terminology relevant to their particular age and grade.  

Whilst the gradings are there as an indication of a student's level within the system, and students who have met the relevant standard will be invited to grade, gradings are not the main focus at The Kwoon.  We will not rush any child through the system.  If you want your child to be black sash in a couple of years, The Kwoon is probably not the School for you. 


We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our club.



The Kwoon


Classes held at:


The Main Hall and the Billet Studio

Fairkytes Arts Centre,

51 Billet Lane,



RM11 1AX




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Call The Kwoon on: 07974 070123


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