The Kwoon holds courses focussed on women's self defence.  These are open to full time students of Wing Chun (already training under the auspices of the Academy of Self Defence and the Meridian Centre School of Martial Arts) or to those who are presently not training in Wing Chun or any other martial arts.


The course lasts for four one and a half hour sessions over a four week period.  It will cover theory, e.g. the different motivations behind an attack; the types of threat one might encounter; ways to stay in control of oneself and one's emotions and various strategies to avoid potentially dangerous situations, as well as various basic self defence techniques (that you will get a chance to practice with a partner). The course will not involve heavy physical training. 


The course will not make you a "superwoman", but it will provide you with some basic tools to recognise and hopefully avoid problems, it will arm you with some basic self defence techniques (to be used if there is no other alternative) and it will boost your self confidence.  It may also tempt you to start training full time in Wing Chun Kung Fu!


Details of the next course will be posted shortly. The price of the course is £30.  


The Kwoon


Classes held at:


The Main Hall and the Billet Studio

Fairkytes Arts Centre,

51 Billet Lane,



RM11 1AX




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