About us

The Kwoon was established in early 2012 by Sifu Justin Reynolds.  The Kwoon is part of the Academy of Self Defence, which was established by Grandmaster Jagjit Ram in 1982.   Grandmaster Ram is the head of the Academy and its HQ, under Master Sata Chand, is based at The Meridian Centre School of Martial Arts in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. 


We have a long tradition and can trace out lineage, through Grandmaster Ram, to the last Grand Master, Yip Man and beyond to the original founders of the art of Wing Chun.  We are proud to be part of the Wing Chun family and its lineage.


The Kwoon is part of the Institute of Qigong, which was also founded by Grandmaster Ram. The style of Qigong practised is Fly Crane style (Fei Hock).


Our instructors and coaches are DBS checked, liability insurance is in place and we abide strictly in accordance with the Fairkytes Arts Centre's Safeguarding Children Policy, Procedure and Code of Practice.  Our instructor is also first aid trained.




Sifu Justin Reynolds


Justin's study of and interest in the martial arts goes back to the mid 1980s and his Wing Chun practice began in the late 1990s. He is a senior practitioner and teacher of both Wing Chun Kung Fu and Qigong and studies under Master Ram.  Justin is also a Reiki Master and a qualified Homoeopath.


The Kwoon


Classes held at:


The Main Hall and the Billet Studio

Fairkytes Arts Centre,

51 Billet Lane,



RM11 1AX




Do you want to become a member or do you want your child to sign up?

Call The Kwoon on: 07974 070123


or contact us by email at info@the-kwoon.co.uk